June 1st 2017, Today there was another wonderful evening in the hunting area….

Sigi proposed me to join him this evening an catch up on his hunting trip on wild boar to Germany. Excitement pure as Sigi has been a hunter and hunting supervisor since many many year…. It’s a public secret that he will be getting 70 this summer, therefore we assume he is hunting since 52 years.


©Olivier Meert

After a brief drive through his hunting area we started to head down to the seat we would be using to today to look for roebuck or other game…

Beside some wonderful birds nothing was really going on up until we saw a fox running around with blackbird in its mouth looking to feed her puppies who were dispersed around in the field.

Today no roebuck, probably due to the changing wind direction and the heat of the day…. On the other hand the scenery was magnificent…. a wonderful sunset and a concert of birds singing along…

Next appointment is set for this Saturday, where I can Henry again…. Junior is already super excited to help build an additional seat….

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