It has been a while since I posted something but we extremely busy days at work….

As some of you know we are using a snow scooter in our hunting area… a toy for boys… last weekend we were able to attach a Go pro on our scooter… I have to be honest and tell even though it was a Gopro 3 the image and video quality is and stays amazing for such an old technology. 

I went together with Jochen, my friend and business partner… a lot of fun and cool moments…  You clearly see Jochen grew up in an environment of real mountaineers, his dad and brother were with the mountain guards and spent many days in the month. Even though it was the first time in many years, Jochen drove a snow scooter again, he did it with such an elegance and smoothness, I was shocked by the easyness he managed the snow scooter.

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