Today is another amazing day… Blue sky, fresh snow, clouds and loads of fun… Ideal conditions to test my landrover and enjoy one of the last days with magic fresh powder snow as we already start the second half of February… In our hunting area, we regularly have snow till the end of April but the mix of warm air, rain, snow and mud makes the scenery less beautiful in those last days.

2017-11-14 16.09.34-1

Therefore, this morning, I decided to go for a ride and test the capabilities of my landrover… I just bought new snow and mud tyres but never really had the chance to test them as we can’t drive in our hunting area since the end of November.  We got caught by an early winter and had to drive with a snow scooter for the past 3 months…

Small side story… I thought I had all year tyres with a S+M sign but in reality the S was not standing for Snow but rather Sand….

Small question to the audience…. When you have fresh snow like this… Do you capture the smell and fresh taste?

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