November  2nd 2005, the sun was shining and the forest was doing it’s best to give a last glimpse of its astonishing beauty before winter would kick in and keep her in it’s grip  for the coming months…..

After a 5 hour drive, through romantic mountain villages and small roads with astonishing views such as waterfalls, rivers and colorful forest views which left me everlasting impression as only impressionist painting can leave on a 5 year old child, I finally arrive in “Sanct-Jakob im Defreggental” in the East Tirol.

deferegental herbst

Image copyright of Heinzle Appartments

Having done my check in, in the last available pension as most of them are closed before the winter season which starts in 4 week, I decided to enjoy my well deserved cigar a “Cohiba Siglo VI” before getting into bed…

Hunting a way of living!

Tomorrow is the big day! My first Chamois! As many hunters say, the most noble and difficult hunting practise beside going for the Ibex.

Overnight the winter made its entrance and the temperatures dropped with 20 degrees… Snow was falling and the wind was howling as it can only do in the mountains.

As agreed, my hunting guide waited for me at 6 am and promised me a day full of excitement but with extreme difficult weather conditions, wind, coldness and snow….

After a small drive, our 4X4 came to a hold and couldn’t move forward any further due to the bigger amount of snow on the slipper mountain way. So we decided to start our journey here and continue by foot.

Copy of DSC00157

The way up was difficult and hard, as a belgian I am not used to the slippery and steep pedestrian mountain ways. The cold was biting in my face and I had too hot. I understood the technique of multi layers but didn’t know you don’t wear this to go up…

That’s where I learned that whatever I would do in the future, I would only wear 1 shirt and dress up higher up in the montain.

My final goodby to Sanct-Jakob im Deferegental was amazing. Having tanked loads of energy even though the physical tiredness was tremendous and would last for a few additional day, I came out stronger and now really felt a hunter. I came out richer and maturer in experiences and now felt taken up into the club of limited chamois hunter and mountain people.

winter im deferegental
Image copyright of Heinzle Appartments

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